Blind Man

Recently, while driving through our town, I had to stop for a red light at an intersection.  I noticed a young man start to cross the four-lane highway, while we all waited on the light to change.  Seeing someone cross at such an intersection on foot is somewhat of an oddity these days.  My attention was focused on him for another reason though.  He was using a white cane and was accompanied by another man wearing a bright orange shirt.  The man walked at his right elbow and just slightly behind the young man.  I could see that he was talking to him as if he was giving him instructions.  They continued until they reached the corner and then the light changed and I drove with the rest of the traffic.  I assumed the man in the orange shirt was teaching the younger man how to get around in his dark world, since the building they were headed for was Volunteer Blind Industries.  

It made me think that we as Christians are a lot like that young man.  We are walking through this dark world amid all the hustle, bustle and noise, but God walks every step with us.  He is at our side giving us instructions to navigate the dangerous paths we are sometimes on.  If we listen, we will get to the other side safely.  If that young man had not listened to his instructor, he could have gone off course and out into a path that could have left him in a dire situation.
He didn’t do that and neither should we.  Listen to that still small voice that is guiding you today.

Debra Talley